Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roads lyrics

Disagreements they have killed the fire
Understanding forever's flown far away
Life's repressing all of my desires
Hopelessness eternally held at bay
Fading to grey

I have seen the path I need to follow
Time to energize
Today lasts only till tomorrow
And a king will rise

Bitterness so cruel it is out of my league
Loneliness I fall a thousand fathoms deep
Anger is dwelling in my restless mind
Here I stand both deaf and blind
But never I'll surrender!

Chase this rolling stone and see
Has it gathered greener moss?
One bridge lies ahead of me
Will it burn before I walk across?

I feel Like I'm walking towards the twilight now
Soothe me in my constant tiredness
Engines push me rapidly straight
Through the clouds
And erase my emptiness
Drown my pain for good now

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool Night lyrics - Paul Davis

I sometimes wonder why
All the flowers pass me by
I dream about you and
Now summer's come and gone
And this night it seems long
Come on over tonight
Come on over
It's gonna be a...

Cool night
Just let me hold you by the firelight
If it don't feel right, you can go
Oh Cool night
Brings back memories of a good life
When this love was not so old

I won't talk about the past
How our love's supposed to last forever
And you, don't have to take a stand
Lay out any plans
Come on over tonight
Come on over
It's gonna be a